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Residential Drainage Disputes

There are two specific circumstances in which the City-Parish will intervene in a residential drainage dispute situation:

  1. The drainage issue is caused by poor construction practices, resulting in run-off water draining into someone’s property. This should be regulated through the building permit process.

  2. Someone has blocked dedicated drainage servitude with a structure that was built onto or moved onto the servitude, according to Sec. 12:401 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances. Anyone found to be in violation of this ordinance may be fined $100.00 for each occurrence.

If you would like to report a residential drainage dispute characterized by either of these two scenarios, please contact 3-1-1. For more information, please contact the Department of Development at (225) 389-8680.

Updated 5/8/2018 9:08 AM
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