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Construction Site Issues

While construction activities can often result in trash or debris, those responsible for overseeing such activities are required by law to follow strict standards for ensuring such debris is properly maintained and disposed of – particularly issues involving the public right-of-way. This applies to both property owners and contractors.

If there is debris that has been left in the public right-of-way due to a construction project, or other site issues dealing with construction-related activities, please contact us at 3-1-1 with as much information as possible on the debris, the contractor in charge of the project and the location of the project. For more information about violations involving construction site debris, along with associated fines and penalties, see Sec. 6:387 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances. Per Sec. 6:410, building owners or job contractors are required to remove all building or debris/refuse resulting from the job, and no such debris shall be placed on the neutral ground for collection by the City-Parish.

Contractors and/or developers may also be found to be in violation of related building permits, which is a decision that will be determined by the Chief Building Official with input from the City-Parish Environmental Division and may be enforced in the form of a “stop work” order from the Chief Building Official.

For more information on the requirements under which a development and/or construction project must be constructed, please contact the issuing permit office on your project or, for debris or other site-related questions, contact the Environmental Division at (225) 389-5245.
Updated 12/23/2015 10:45 AM
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