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Water Quality Issues

There are a number of local ordinances and state/federal regulations governing water quality issues in the city and parish, many of which are outlined in Chapter 8 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances. These issues may range from suspicious chemicals and liquids to solids that may serve as contaminants adversely impacting water quality within East Baton Rouge Parish.

The City-Parish Stormwater Management Program in particular oversees 13 distinct areas and measures that exist at a local level to protect water quality in the city and parish. This oversight also extends to construction-related activities throughout the parish that requires interdepartmental teamwork with involved agencies ranging from the Subdivision Engineering and Department of Maintenance to the Office to the Planning Commission, and in instances where it is critical to ensure occurrences such as stormwater runoff don’t carry pollutants within the water that can therefore affect the water quality of the surrounding area, and ultimately the State of Louisiana.

This level of teamwork also includes coordination across operational issues or projects overseen by the City-Parish that may impact water quality such as canal repair or maintenance and enhancements to the City-Parish storm sewer system.

If you are aware of discharges that may have taken place or other activities that may be influencing water quality in the city or parish, please contact us as soon as possible via 3-1-1 with as many details as you can provide about the incident.
Updated 12/23/2015 10:47 AM
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