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Tree Trimming or Removal

The City-Parish is authorized to remove or trim a dangerous tree that may be considered a nuisance, according to Sec. 2:151 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances. Most commonly, this detriment presents itself in cases where the tree is dead, dying or decaying, or when its limbs are causing damage to other properties/lots.

Once a report is filed with the City-Parish Division of Grass/Landscape Maintenance, the owner of said property will have ten days from the time notice is given to properly remove or trim, as stipulated in the notice, the tree at issue. If the owner of the property should refuse or neglect to comply with said notice, the City-Parish Division of Grass/Landscape Maintenance will move to have the tree cut down at the owner’s expense.

If the tree at issue is on City-Parish-owned property, the City-Parish will assume responsibility for the cost of the tree’s removal or trimming. If the tree is considered a boundary tree – meaning a part of the tree trunk is located on private property and another part of the tree trunk is on City-Parish property – the tree is considered co-owned. This is regardless of how much of the tree is on either side. The cost of removal of the tree is split between the two property owners.

If you would like to report a tree that you believe to be dangerous, please contact 3-1-1 and specify the location of the tree, as well as its condition (i.e. if it’s dropping limbs, if it’s dead, or if you have other reason to believe it is a safety concern).

For more information, please contact the City-Parish Division of Grass/Landscape Maintenance at (225) 389-3250.

Updated 12/23/2015 1:08 PM
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