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New Construction Issues

There are a number of City-Parish ordinances that involve new construction. If you are a builder, property owner or developer looking to begin construction on a new facility or building, please contact the City-Parish Permit and Inspection Office at (225) 389-3105. Or, if you are looking to develop a new subdivision, please contact the Subdivision Engineering Office at (225) 389-3198. Similarly, any sanitary sewer extensions or drainage improvements within the City-Parish drainage servitude are reviewed and permitted by the Subdivision Engineering Office. Any questions involving zoning should be directed to the City-Parish Planning Commission at (225) 389-3144.

Any issues involving new construction, such as drainage or erosion issues, road and/or sidewalk failures should be reported to by contacting 3-1-1. Please note the Subdivision Engineering Office holds the warranty on new construction of roads and sidewalks for up to one year, so any issues involving the integrity of roads and/or sidewalks should be reported immediately to the City-Parish through 3-1-1. Please specify the age of the development in which the issues are occurring and provide as many details as possible regarding the deficiency in question.

Requests for utility or drainage tie-ins, driveways being placed on streets where curbs must be cut to accommodate the driveway and other related activities require permits prior to work commencing. Please contact the Subdivision Engineering Office at (225) 389-3198 for more information.

Any unauthorized accumulation of garbage, trash, litter, refuse, rubbish, appliances, junk vehicles, construction/building materials, limbs, trees or other discarded materials or debris is considered a nuisance and is prohibited by Sec. 6:411.1 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances. Any issues involving the accumulation of trash or debris from new construction, except for instances where an individual or entity with a valid building permit constructing or renovating a single-family residence in which provisions of Sec. 8A:105.A supersede those of the prior referenced ordinance, should be reported by contacting 3-1-1. Unauthorized accumulation of such trash or debris is subject to files that escalate with multiple offenses within a two-year timeframe.

Additional or other issues involving new construction activity resulting in dirt or mud being tracked onto streets should be reported to 3-1-1. Please specify the extent of the issue and if it is a recurring issue due to construction that is ongoing in the area.

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