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Drainage or Erosion Issue

Drainage issues can be caused or aggravated by a number of different factors.

Erosion on ditch banks, areas or ditches where pipes are blocked by debris, and catch basin repairs are just a few of the types of issues that may exist and adversely impact the efficiency of our City-Parish drainage system. In addition, periods of heavy rain may create situations in which standing water exists on streets or in low-lying areas.

The City-Parish Department of Maintenance's Drainage Section is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of drainage canals, ditches and other drainage-related infrastructure in the public right-of-way. If you need to report issues related to necessary catch basin repairs, pipe repairs, standing water or other drainage issues - whether they be roadside or non-roadside - please contact 3-1-1 and specify the exact location or, in the case of ditches, pipes or culverts with debris, the address or street block that needs clearing. Please note that due to the volume of drainage issues that may exist at certain times, City-Parish drainage maintenance crews are often forced to balance high-priority needs with a first-in, first-out approach to issue resolution.

If you are reporting a drainage issue, please be as specific as possible with the type of debris - including if the debris is in a roadside or offsite ditch and to what degree the debris that needs to be removed is blocking the pipe or drain - as this will dictate the type of equipment City-Parish maintenance staff transport to your location for clearing the issue. Given the amount of time it may take for City-Parish staff to address smaller debris-related issues, especially during periods of heavy rain or inclement weather conditions, property owners are encouraged to address minor maintenance needs if they are able to do so, such as the collection and removal of leaves. 

If you are reporting an issue involving erosion along areas such as ditch banks, please specify whether or not the ditch in question is an open ditch.

A catch basin is the opening in the curb where water flows when it rains. If the rectangular lid that sits atop the catch basin is missing or damaged, please contact 3-1-1 and describe the situation to the call-taker. This is a potential safety hazard and it is critical that City-Parish staff be aware of the priority surrounding this issue so that it can be addressed immediately.

If you are able to do so, please upload a photo of the problem that needs to be addressed as this will greatly expedite our crews' ability to respond to and rectify the issue.

Per Sec. 2:171 of the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances, property owners with lots fronting streets with paved sidewalks are required to provide sufficient drainage over or under the sidewalks to prevent the accumulation or standing of water on or near the sidewalks. All other drainage issues such as the installation or repair of catch basins, clean-up of debris in the public right-of-way where the passage of water is impeded or obstructed such as in ditches. Sec. 12:401 of the Code of Ordinances also specifies that no person shall impede or obstruct the passage flow of water of any street, gutter, ditch or drain under the possession or control of the city or parish. The public is also expressly prohibited from constructing any driveway ramp within any public street right-of-way which obstructs the flow of water or allows any material to remain in any public street, gutter, ditch or drain adjacent to the property where such person resides - this includes materials such as leaves, branches or other debris of whatever nature. Anyone found to be in violation of this ordinance will be fined $100.00 for each occurrence.

Updated 2/10/2022 5:42 PM
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